Thanks Mr. Paschal

My daughter was arrested for possession of marijuana. She is 21 and currently attending college. When I got the call from her saying she was in jail, my heart sank. Of course, I was concerned about her safety, but I was really worried this would have a negative impact on her life. A local attorney friend of mine found Mr. Paschal through the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She put us in contact with him and we were impressed with him during our initial conference. After we hired him, he worked what I consider a miracle. My daughter was allowed to participate in a diversion program where formal charges were not filed against her. She now has the chance to keep this off of her record. Mr. Paschal is a true professional. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.

- Milford

Above and Beyond

Mr. Paschal took care of everything. He got my charges reduced and helped make sure it wouldn’t wind up on my record! If you’ve hired him, then you’ve made a great choice. If you’re considering it, then do yourself a favor and retain his services.

- Matthew

So Thankful!!!

I was facing felony drug charges…very scary!! I researched and decided on Mr. Paschal to represent me. I’m so thankful for that decision! He is a true professional in every aspect of what you would expect from a top tier attorney. I went from felony drug charges to misdemeanor probation and eventually charges dropped. I would recommend Mr. Paschal to anyone. I’m so thankful for what he did for me.

- Roger

The Best of the Best!!

Kent Paschal got me Pretrial Diversion and Case Dismissal!! I was charged with a DRUG FELONY and I thought my life was over. This wasn’t some petty felony. This was a huge felony. Having a criminal felony record would’ve destroyed my chances of ever getting a job, housing, college acceptance, scholarships, school financial aid, and also an automatic disqualification from being a citizen. A drug felony is also a 100% deportable offense. I was so scared and diligently did my homework for almost 4 months, searched for the best criminal defense lawyer, and literally read every single review for almost 50 lawyers in the area. I also looked on each website and the one that resonated the most with me was Kent Paschal’s website bc under his profile I read “I know the people. I know the judges. I know the prosecutors. I can help.” I also found a conversation thread on Reddit where a former client of Kent Paschal chose him bc he heard that this lawyer was the best of the best. The former client also explained his felony charge situation and it was even worse than mine, and that he had his case dismissed. Once I read that last part, I knew that Kent Paschal was the best lawyer for my situation. Kent was incredibly knowledgeable and was more than just a lawyer to me. He became my friend. I can’t even describe how grateful I am for what this man has done for me. He never quit on me and fought a very tough fight. This was not an easy task bc I was charged with a major drug felony. Again, a DRUG FELONY! With his experience, knowledge, and creativity he was somehow able to finesse a strong case to the prosecutor for a pre-trial diversion and case dismissal result. I still can’t believe how he beat this case for me. Kent Paschal truly is the best of the best. PERIOD!!

- Yoon

Many Thanks

Mr. Paschal represented me in a THC case in Texas. He arraigned for me to participate in a pre-trial diversion program. When I completed the program, the case was dismissed. I never had to go to court. I was not on probation. I spent no time in jail. I am thrilled with this result. Thanks so much Kent.

- Trent

Top Ten Lawyer

I can’t find the words to tell you how good this guy is. He was able to get my case dismissed. I almost fell over when he called with the good news. He is very professional and very determined to get the best result. He certainly did for me.

- Robby P

Miracle Worker

Kent Paschal saved me from a despicable violation of my civil rights and liberties and police misconduct by the Texas Highway Patrol. 10 out of 5 stars would highly recommend him if you are in the same position.

- anonymous

Case Reduced to a Misdemeanor – Wow

I was arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana. Kent was able to get my case reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. I am so happy with the work he did for me.


Phenomenal Lawyer

Mr Paschal has integrity. Anytime an attorney tells you they’re going to do something and follows through every time isn’t just a great lawyer he’s a great man. I am grateful for his expertise and would recommend him to anyone going through what I did. Most importantly his personal attention to my situation made me feel more like a friend than a client.

- C Wilson

Very Pleased

I am grateful my daughter had Kent as her attorney. He was very professional and always took the time to address our questions and concerns. We were very pleased with the outcome of Dani’s case. I highly recommend his services.

- Theresa

Always fighting for me

Kent went above and beyond to help me out of a very difficult situation. He was always there to answer my questions and give me advise. He was honest and confident in his opinions about my case. I always felt like he was truly fighting for me. I am very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend him.

- Alec

Very Grateful

I was impressed with Kent from the very beginning. He took time to answer my questions about my case, putting my mind at ease. He encouraged me to call him any time I had questions or concerns. He returned my phone calls and responded to my emails promptly. He was professional and courteous. He was always there for me. I am not sure I could have made it through this trying time without Kent.

- Tate


Mr. Paschal was easy to work with and he gave me hope all would work out in the end. I recommend him to anyone looking for a highly respected attorney who can deliver in the courtroom. You will feel you are in good hands when he is fighting for you.

- J

Great Lawyer – Great Result

Mr. Paschal helped me out of a really bad situation. He kept me informed and was very responsive to my calls and email. I always talked to him directly, not his staff. He was honest with me, provided options on how best to proceed and worked hard to achieve a good result for me. I am so grateful for his efforts.

- Cooper

Putting it back together

I thought my life was falling apart. I made a terrible mistake and agreed to transport marijuana from the west coast to the east coast. I thought it would be an easy way to make some money. I was wrong, I got caught and spent one long night in jail. I hired Mr. Paschal to represent me. He helped me out of a really bad situation. I recommend you give him a call if you need a criminal attorney.

- Aaron

Seasoned Lawyer

I hired Mr. Paschal to represent me in a drug possession case. He was a pleasure to work with and I was very impressed with the way he handled my case. He is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. I highly recommend him.

- Sydney

Worked Wonders

My son was arrested in northern Texas for the offense of possession of a controlled substance. He had been in Colorado and had edibles in his backpack when he was stopped for speeding. After talking to several attorneys I found Mr. Paschal’s website. I was impressed with what I saw and decided to call Mr. Paschal. We talked for over thirty minutes and he answered all of my questions. After visiting with my husband, we decided to hire Mr. Paschal to represent our son. Best decision we have made in a long time. Mr. Paschal was able to get our son’s case dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Paschal. He did a wonderful job for my son.

- Nikki


I interviewed three other attorneys until I found Kent Paschal. He had great reviews and came highly recommended. The other attorneys all said I’d be getting time to do just how much was the question. I also had a complicated situation. Kent Paschal is an influential and above average attorney. He handled my case like a pro. He got my case dismissed. I’m still in disbelief at the moment but it’s true. If you want to be represented by the best do not hesitate to choose Kent Paschal. I greatly appreciate what he did for me and my family.

- Robert

Great Lawyer!!!

Kent is the best lawyer you can have on your side. We hired him to represent my son on a big case, big case, could have meant prison time. My son did not even appear in court one time and the case was dismissed! Dismissed!! We could not have asked or prayed for a better outcome. Kent kept me posted all the way through, and what we thought might take years, years mind you, only took a handful of months! I cannot tell you how relieved we are and to know that Kent stood by us every step of the way was gratefully reassuring! Would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Kent!!

- Joellyn

Great Lawyer

Mr. Paschal helped me with a criminal case in the Amarillo area. I was stopped on I-40 and charged with possession of marijuana. I had never been in trouble before and was very concerned about how my life might change. I called Mr. Paschal and discussed my case with him. He explained how my case would work its way through the court and what I could expect to happen along the way. I felt much better after our first conversation. After reviewing the evidence against me, Mr. Paschal gave me several options on how we could proceed. He was very good at explaining my options. He answered all of my questions and gave me great advise. In the end, my case was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and ultimately dismissed after I completed my probation. I am glad I called Mr. Paschal and asked for his help.

- Richard

So Grateful

My daughter and her boyfriend were returning to college after a long weekend in Colorado when they were stopped north of Amarillo for a traffic offense. They had been smoking marijuana in the car. The highway patrol officer searched their car and found a little marijuana and some THC infused edibles (chocolate bars). They were taken to jail and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. My wife and I were shocked when we received a telephone call from our daughter and learned what had just happened. We did an internet search and found Mr. Paschal’s website. After talking with him, we decided to hire him to represent our daughter. Because of his efforts, our daughter was allowed to participate in a pre-trial diversion program. Once she completed the program, all charges were dismissed and she walked away with a clean record. Words cannot describe how truly grateful we are to Mr. Paschal.

- David

Wonderful Lawyer

Kent took the time to get to know me and to understand my situation. He is a very kind and caring person. We talked about my concerns and how my case might affect my life in the years to come. He gave me great advice. The results he achieved were remarkable. I am so glad I choose him as my legal counsel.

- Allie

Great Lawyer

Before I hired Mr. Paschal, I looked at his website and read the reviews on Avvo posted by his prior clients. I was impressed. I then called Mr. Paschal and we talked on the phone for over thirty minutes. He listened to what I had to say and asked me questions about my case. He explained how he handled criminal cases and told me what I could expect to happen as my case moved along. He was very honest and straightforward with me. After that first conversation I was certain Mr. Paschal was the right lawyer for me. And I was right. He did everything he told me he would do. He kept me informed and was always there when I needed to talk to him. I found him to be a kind and caring person. My case was resolved better than I ever hoped. I am so thankful I found Mr. Paschal and for the work he did on my behalf. I highly recommend him.

- Rob

Highly Recommend

I was pulled over north of Amarillo for speeding and was eventually detained for some pretty serious charges and even worse it was close to the holidays. I spent almost 2 nights in jail and thankfully my family found Kent. As soon he took the case, I got his phone call in jail and he assured me he would have me out shortly and walked me through the entire process. He was so reassuring throughout the process and kept me informed about everything he was doing even while I was in jail. Eventually, Kent got me a very favorable outcome. If all goes to plan, I will have my case dismissed, will not have to worry about career implications and any other bad consequences. Kent is an awesome lawyer and would highly recommend him.

- A Client

Above and Beyond

Last November I made a very poor choice and spent the night in the Potter County Jail. It was terrifying. My arrest had the potential to end my career and have very negative effects on my family. To make matters worse, I was from out of state. Many of the lawyers I contacted in the days following my arrest would not even return my calls. I eventually found contact information for Mr. Paschal on Avvo and was delightfully surprised when he returned my call within hours. I knew right away that my prayers for help had been answered. He was knowledgeable and kind. For the first time, I felt relief and hope. We worked together over the course of the next four months and he always returned my calls and always spent as much time as necessary to explain his strategy. He is very professional, but I also felt that he was personally invested in the outcome. I always got the sense that he cared about my future and sincerely hoped I would be given a second chance. I am delighted to say my case was eventually dismissed. I am so thankful that my life can resume and my family and I can move on. I have been extremely fortunate to have Mr. Paschal as my representative. I highly recommend his services. Start to take control of your nightmare – give him a call!

- A Client

Great Lawyer

Mr. Paschal was diligent in his efforts on my behalf. I am pleased with how I was represented and very happy with the results achieved. You cannot go wrong with Mr. Paschal on your side.

- Robert

Excellent Representation

Mr. Paschal is thoughtful, deliberate and gave me great advice. He kept me informed about my case and was always available when I had questions. I felt like he really cared about me and wanted to achieve the best possible resolution of my case. I could not have made a better choice when I hired Mr. Paschal.

- Chris

Five Star Lawyer

Knowledgeable. Honest. Dependable. Sincere. Dedicated. Mr. Paschal is a wonderful lawyer. He was quick to return my phone calls and he always took the time to answer my questions. I always felt like he was truly interested in me and in helping me through a tough time in my life. I highly recommend Kent Paschal to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer.

- Ben

Passionate about his work

When I first met Mr. Paschal, my life was a little messed up. I had just been arrested in a little town outside of Amarillo. Not sure what to do or where to go for help, I found Kent. The first thing he did was ease my anxiety. He explained how my case would work its way through the court system and how we would work together to achieve a good result. Over the next several months things went just as Kent had described. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome. Kent is professional. He is easy to talk to. And he is passionate about his work. I highly recommend Kent to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer.

- Brian

Trustworthy and Dependable!!

I was arrested along I-40 in Carson County and Mr. Paschal did an excellent job of defending me. No conviction and a short term of probation. Can’t ask for more! He was always there for me; explained everything and took his time. I highly recommend him.

- A Client

Great Lawyer / Passionate about his Work

Mr. Paschal is an excellent lawyer. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer. He is a great listener. He always took the time to listen to my concerns and to give me advice. I felt he honestly cared about me and wanted the best for me. He was always honest, professional and passionate in preparing a defense to the charges filed against me. Needless to say, I was thrilled when he was able to get my case reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. I will always be grateful for his efforts.

- Lee

Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kent is the best. From the beginning of our relationship he was always there for me. He kept me informed and explained the legal process every step of the way. When we were in court, I sensed he was respected by his peers, the prosecuting attorney and the judge. Best of all, my case was resolved better than I ever expected. Kent is the best.

- Alfred

Drug Charges Dropped

William Kent Paschal is a great attorney. My daughter was arrested for possession of drugs while driving through Texas. She was driving through Texas with another passenger. William Paschal was able to get the charges dismissed and the other passenger’s charges drastically reduced.. It is well worth your money to hire this attorney. He is pleasant, personable and will do his best to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

- Very Happy Client

An outstanding lawyer and a wonderful person!

I am a parent of a son who was arrested in Texas on drug charges. I live out of state and was extremely upset and confused when I got a 3 minute phone call from him from a jail in a very rural area of Texas. Not knowing anyone else in Texas, and not sure what to do, I got on the internet to search for attorneys and found Kent Paschal’s website. After reading what he had to say on there, I decided to give him a call. Since it was around 9 pm, I didn’t imagine I would get a call back until the next morning. But, I did get a call back from Kent that night, and he was extremely helpful. He spent alot of time with me on the phone explaining what would happen the next morning at my son’s arraignment, and the entire process. As I was quite worried about my son, he told me he would call and speak with him that night, which he did, and then called me back to reassure me that he was okay. Over the course of the next year, Kent was very responsive to any questions my son or I had, always replying to us quickly. He always made us feel that our case was just as important to him as a much bigger case might have been. He is professional, caring and I cannot say enough positive comments about him! It is not often that a person finds an attorney like Kent, and I feel very lucky that I did. Due to his excellent skills and willingness to “go the extra mile” for his clients, my son had a very positive outcome to his case. I highly recommend Kent Paschal for anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.

- Kathy

Outstanding Lawyer and a fine person

Mr. Paschal, throughout the entire process was professional and extremely well versed, always responsive and attentive, willing to listen and accept input, and always congenial and respectful. He conducted himself in a confident manner, yet was compassionate and understanding. His insightfulness and willingness to venture from the conventional defense methods, and incorporate factors personal and unique to my case, were ultimately very important in achieving very favorable results. His vested interest in me personally was reflected in his proactive approach. It was also apparent that Mr. Paschal was very well respected by the court. His prowess in and around the courtroom was very impressive. I could not have asked for better representation. Mr. Paschal was a godsend and I will always be indebted to him. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

- Peter

I highly recommend this lawyer. He is a very experienced, understanding man that will make your situation have the best ending.

Great communication, Friendly, and cares about getting the client the best results instead of taking your money. In other words….a lifesaver! He knows everyone important in the Amarillo/Vega area! He made a horrible situation as good as possible. This Attorney is your Best option!

- Patricia